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How long have you been drawing?

  • For as long as I can remember; I really liked doodling and drawing ever since I was a baby, apparently!

What inspires you?

  •  A lot of things! Pretty photos, kick ass art and animation, the colours of the sky, dreams, shiny things, music, movies and books…
  • I also get so inspired by devoted artists who always work really hard. Don’t make me name artists!! It’s too stressful LMAO T_T

What/who are your biggest influences?

  • As a whole, I think it would be 90’s anime, the kind with cute little witches, magic, and fantasy settings… They had everything I adore! Also the Tales series, particularly the ones designed by Kousuke Fujishima. 
  • Dynamic animation from studios like GAINAX definitely get me excited to draw action! But I think the first person to make me explore dynamics and perspectives was Galou, a lovely French artist. ;-; 
  • As for style, I picked up bits and pieces of the aforementioned, and Koge-Donbo, JC, and Disney. 

What drawing tools do you use?

  • Software: My favourite drawing software is Paint Tool SAI, and I use it in conjunction with Adobe Photshop CS5.5 (formerly 7.0). 
  • Hardware: I used a Wacom Graphire 3 up until December 2012, but it died; now I have a 22HD Cintiq :D
  • Utensils: My preferred pencil to use is a 0.7mm thick B mechanical pencil, but I usually end up grabbing whatever is closest to me. 
  • Sketchbooks: These tend to be cheap (or free) because big, expensive sketchbooks seem so daunting to me that I end up not being able to draw in them at all. Usually, I use the ring coiled ones from Asian stationery stores, but I recently bought a stack of little sketchbooks from the dollar store so you will see those from November 2012 on.
  • It’s better to print your prints in CMYK because inks are in CYMK. RGB (light colour theory) works on screen because your screen emits light, and it’s due to this that you won’t achieve the same neon glow in your colours when you print. 
  • I am more used to RGB though, so I paint in RGB, since I can always convert it to CMYK when I’m done. Meanwhile it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the differences; for example, the most vibrant greens-blues-purples do not translate well in ink, as well as pretty much all the other neon values.
  • However!! I’ve found that if you print at places like Costco for photos, the colours turn out SUPER accurately compared to your regular oil-based inks. It’s just that it’s so much more expensive…
What size canvas do you draw on? My pictures look pixelated, but yours still look detailed zoomed in. 
  • When you are drawing for printing, your canvas is should be around 4-5 times bigger because theoretically, you are going from 72DPI screen resolution to 300DPI printing resolution. You should expect to work in 3300x5100px for posters, at least.

Are you a dentist? Why did you choose this and not art?

  • No, I’m a dental hygienist; I’m the dainty lady at your dental office who keeps your gums healthy and nags at you to floss. To be honest, I once wanted to be a dentist, but now I am glad I didn’t go down that road `_`;; 
  • The main reason I didn’t pursue the arts is practicality and the issue of money. This part was greatly influenced by my parents, so I just decided I would please them and get a degree at UBC instead. I also figured that having an art career wouldn’t be easy on me because I want art to be something I do freely for myself on my own time. I typically do not do well under self-imposed pressure, and I don’t want to lose my passion for drawing, because it’d show in my work, unfortunately. I have observed it in other artists who took this route, and frankly, I am scared of that happening to me. =(

What is your MBTI?

  • INFJ

 I heard you are working on an artbook! Where can we find more information?

  • It’ll be a collection of original character illustrations and character designs, all for my comic Cut Time, which I plan to work on thereafter. It’s a book for introducing my characters with some eyecandy. :) It will be A4, full colour, spanning around 65 pages, and I plan to release it Spring 2013, if not earlier. I will be taking preorders for about a month for $32.50, and after it will be sold for $35. I will be selling it in my shop!

Do you have a livestream? When do you stream?

  • yes, I do. I don’t really plan it ahead of time, I just do it on a whim; I announce it on tumblr occasionally.  

Do you have a twitter?

  • No, I do not. 

Can you make a tutorial for _______?

  • Only if I can figure out a method that’s actually helpful for understanding the general mechanics of things, like this. Otherwise, my belief is that the biggest help I can be is to encourage people to try to find their own solutions. Empower yourself and make your art yours!
How do you colour under your sketches? How do you make your lineart different colours?
  • Incidentally, I did make a tutorial for it! The bottom image shows you how to lock the layer to add colour to the lines:

What does qanda mean?

  • Qanda is the term I use to celebrate the small interludes to my loneliness and doldrums. When I see that red speech bubble over my inbox, I clap my hands and exclaim: “KWANDA!!!” 
  • oh it also means Q and A

Can we see you draw something that’s not anime, like realism?

  • I don’t enjoy drawing realism as much as I like drawing cartoons and junk… and I don’t feel the need to “prove” myself of my abilities because I know that I can do it in my heart uvu

When is your birthday? I thought it was January 1st?

  • My canonical birthdate is December 11th, actually haha… January 1st is just what my documents say `^`; I’m sorry for the confusion, I just have never been the type to announce my birthday whenever it comes… I don’t think I deserve the gifts despite how much I adore them. u_u;;

Are you into astrology? 

  •  Yeah, I am! Not as a follower, but as a reader. I actually find it frustrating for people to hang onto its every word like it’s the end-all be-all… especially when the extent of their knowledge is sciolistic at best. It’s a fun pastime, and a great resource for story writing with ~*~*magic~*~*!

Can we know more about your Cut Time characters?

  •  I’m so happy when people are interested in my characters ;_; I will be posting their information some time after the artbook is released, and hopefully more when I’ve finally started my comic. ;-;

What is your favourite colour?

  • My favourite colour is warm purple… it used to be lilac, but I don’t know now! I like to think that I love all colours when coordinated right. :P

What is your favourite food?

  • Dark chocolate desserts! 

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