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kaijukat: My friend bought your ALBW book at AX and also bought your display print of Link and Ravio and she told me she STILL hasn't been able to get through the book because when she opens it and sees that little Ravio at the beginning her heart can't take it and she closes the book again LOL

LMAO this knowledge is precious to me… thank you!!!

꼬마마법사 노노란 만화 재밌게 봤던 추억에 갑자기 취해서 그려봤습니다! 디자인이 심플하지만 매력적이라 그리기 너무 좋아요~ 
I think I was about 4 or 5 years old!I really liked this anime when I was little.

꼬마마법사 노노란 만화 재밌게 봤던 추억에 갑자기 취해서 그려봤습니다! 디자인이 심플하지만 매력적이라 그리기 너무 좋아요~ 

I think I was about 4 or 5 years old!I really liked this anime when I was little.

iamshadowthehedgehog: alright pal it has been a few months and a lot of things have changed. ravioli wise. you know what i mean. i ask you again, as of now, how far does the pasta ship sail?





zeldanoodles: Can you do more of a detailed tutorial? It would be helpful to beginner artist!:) I understand if you are busy!


I don’t do drawing tutorials because creating is a personal process to me, and I believe it should be encouraged as such. It’s not even that I keep anything a secret (I livestream here and there), I just think an artist should develop their own method of doing things, however long it takes. I think it’s part of the (often painful) fun. I sometimes do tutorials for explaining certain mechanics of things, but I leave the rest up to everyone else. ‘-‘)b

graphence: juby would be willing to show us your sketching process? How do you come up with all those neat sketches? Do you do any bases or do you just start drawing the details cause you're lineart on the paper is so good too and i never see any guidelines!

Hello! Someone asked me a similar question a long time ago, so I posted this.

I hope this answers your questions! ^^


幸せの色/the color of happiness

a yowamushi pedal fanzine


Hi guys!! My first zine, the color of happiness, a compilation of my yowamushi pedal illustrations, is finally up for preorder on Storenvy! I’m really excited about this and it was seriously so fun (and terrifying) to put together, I hope you enjoy it!

|$15, 5x7, saddle stitch bound, full color, 32 pages (back and front)|

Light Spoiler Warning! Nothing about the winners of interhigh though.

The books will be shipped after Anime Expo (july 3-6); If you want to pickup the book at AX, please order from the AX PICKUP ONLY product! Do not order the pickup product obv. if you cannot pick it up. I will not be able to send you your zine until you provide me with the appropriate shipping costs! Thank you!

FOR AX PICKUP; please have your order # or name that you used on storenvy ready, thank you!!! 

If you’d rather pay and pickup the book in person at AX, I will have it in stock at my table, C46 (table name HAKOGAKU)! My friends in the same row will also have their yowapeda zines too so please check those out as well (SO EXCITED)!!

Preorder Here!! http://pedalhard.storenvy.com/


  • First 5 preorders will receive a small drawing of a yowapeda character of my choosing
  • First 10 preorders will receive a 5x7 postcard illustration of either sohoku or hakogaku (shown above)

I love Gisu’s art!! Support my kawaii bro >w<

egnis: Ashdjjdjsk!!! The book and keychain arrived! Thank you!!! I have a question about the keychain tho. It looks like a white translucent paper is covering it. What do I do with it?

Heya~ I’m glad they reached you safely! After you hook the charm onto whatever gizmo you’d like,  you peel the paper off and enjoy the glossy sheen. ☆~(ゝ。∂)