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Hello everyone! I’m happy to announce that my book, Still Turns, is now available for preorder. Information is as follows:

  • Original illustrations only; features work collected over 2013–2014 along with a few unposted pieces drawn for the book
  • A5 size (roughly 6×9″)
  • Full colour & perfect bound
  • 56 pages in total (not incl. cover) with 42 pages of illustrations

Please note that as this is a preorder books will not ship immediately. Orders placed during this period are scheduled to begin shipping from early to mid September. Once orders begin shipping I will make a post on this blog regarding delivery expectations. If there is an unexpected delay, I will also make a post.

This preorder period will last from now until the 15th of August, AEST.

For those attending Sydney SMASH! 2014, Still Turns will be available for purchase on both days (the 9th + 10th of August) at my table in the Artists’ Circle. There will be a separate post with relevant information later. If you would like to reserve a copy for pick-up & pay at SMASH!, please do NOT place an order through Storenvy and instead fill out this form.

Regular orders for any remaining stock will be open later this year or early next year.

Thank you so much to everyone who has shared in my excitement for this book!


!!!!!! I DIDN’T!! SEE THIS!! TIL NOW!!

I love Loika’s art s much, I’m just super glad to get my hands on a book from her!! I’m so excited!!! 

mihaelkai: Your art is so fantastic! I know a while back you had said you applied for a table at NYCC but that you wouldn't know until July? Well it's July so... do you know if you will be at NYCC? My boyfriend & I have your ALBW book & would love to meet you!

Wah thank you for getting my book! ;v; I’d love to have been able to go but!!

NYCC said no LOL


waffletronzx: So when can we expect your next fan book, "Link + Ravio: TOTAL INDULGENCE" to come out? ;P

as soon as I can figure out how to sell hundreds of copies of it

as soon as I figure out my epitaph

fourswordsgreen: Hello! My friend and I came to ur stand at anime expo! She was the Ravio and I was the Hilda~! She had pre-ordered ur book as soon as she can and we both got a lil ravio/link keychain :D also can I just say....u r amazing! And sooooo cute ;u; thank u for being such a sweetie <3

I remember you!! I took photos of your trio from my table!! Thank you so much for finding me here! (ノ≧∀≦)

kaijukat: My friend bought your ALBW book at AX and also bought your display print of Link and Ravio and she told me she STILL hasn't been able to get through the book because when she opens it and sees that little Ravio at the beginning her heart can't take it and she closes the book again LOL

LMAO this knowledge is precious to me… thank you!!!

꼬마마법사 노노란 만화 재밌게 봤던 추억에 갑자기 취해서 그려봤습니다! 디자인이 심플하지만 매력적이라 그리기 너무 좋아요~ 
I think I was about 4 or 5 years old!I really liked this anime when I was little.

꼬마마법사 노노란 만화 재밌게 봤던 추억에 갑자기 취해서 그려봤습니다! 디자인이 심플하지만 매력적이라 그리기 너무 좋아요~ 

I think I was about 4 or 5 years old!I really liked this anime when I was little.

iamshadowthehedgehog: alright pal it has been a few months and a lot of things have changed. ravioli wise. you know what i mean. i ask you again, as of now, how far does the pasta ship sail?