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幸せの色/the color of happiness

a yowamushi pedal fanzine


Hi guys!! My first zine, the color of happiness, a compilation of my yowamushi pedal illustrations, is finally up for preorder on Storenvy! I’m really excited about this and it was seriously so fun (and terrifying) to put together, I hope you enjoy it!

|$15, 5x7, saddle stitch bound, full color, 32 pages (back and front)|

Light Spoiler Warning! Nothing about the winners of interhigh though.

The books will be shipped after Anime Expo (july 3-6); If you want to pickup the book at AX, please order from the AX PICKUP ONLY product! Do not order the pickup product obv. if you cannot pick it up. I will not be able to send you your zine until you provide me with the appropriate shipping costs! Thank you!

FOR AX PICKUP; please have your order # or name that you used on storenvy ready, thank you!!! 

If you’d rather pay and pickup the book in person at AX, I will have it in stock at my table, C46 (table name HAKOGAKU)! My friends in the same row will also have their yowapeda zines too so please check those out as well (SO EXCITED)!!

Preorder Here!! http://pedalhard.storenvy.com/


  • First 5 preorders will receive a small drawing of a yowapeda character of my choosing
  • First 10 preorders will receive a 5x7 postcard illustration of either sohoku or hakogaku (shown above)

I love Gisu’s art!! Support my kawaii bro >w<

egnis: Ashdjjdjsk!!! The book and keychain arrived! Thank you!!! I have a question about the keychain tho. It looks like a white translucent paper is covering it. What do I do with it?

Heya~ I’m glad they reached you safely! After you hook the charm onto whatever gizmo you’d like,  you peel the paper off and enjoy the glossy sheen. ☆~(ゝ。∂)

lydicalwind: so aonuma confirmed it WAS link. ponytail link is real. you can be happy, juby.

I know!! I was freaking out on Twitter just now @-@

bunnyravio: Sorry if this has been asked before, but are the ALBW artbooks going to be available after the preorder deadline, and if so, for how long approximately? I really want one but I don't have the money right now. (Also are the charms preorder only or can I get one later?)

Until supplies last! I plan to sell them at AX (and NYCC possibly) so I’m hoping they’ll be gone before the year ends. 

The charms were offered for preorders only, and have been sold out for a few weeks now; I’m doing a raffle tomorrow for 20 of them (if I counted right LOL), so there’s a chance you could still get one with a preorder. I’m sorry about that! I was considering reprinting the charms, but I’d have to get at least 100 printed, and I don’t know if I could get rid of them all. xD;



Hello! As many of you have been made aware, I’ve been busy working away on this Ravio-centred Link Between Worlds fanbook: Two Worlds ◆ Two Heroes. It’s a fully illustrated book of self-indulgent headcanons, such as the ones I’ve been posting on tumblr

Product Details:
▼ soft cover
▼ B5 (approximately 7x10”)
▼ 24 pages
▼ full colour
▼ illustrations and mini comics (1-3 pages per segment)

Shipping Details:
▼ $4.00 Within Canada 
▼ $6.00 To United States 
▼ $10.00 Internationally

Preorder Bonus:
▼ an exclusive mini-print! 
▼ a randomized 20 orders (1 order = 1 book) get a double-sided clear acrylic RavioLi charm! Yay!!

I’m making an effort to have this available at Anime North 2014 at earliest, but if the books don’t make it by then, it will be available at Anime Expo 2014 and online. I don’t have plans on going to a Vancouver convention this year. If you plan on buying a copy at these abovementioned conventions, please do not purchase online, for there will be no pick-ups. Thank you everyone for your interest and support, I really appreciate it!! ;-;

(The books are already in production hehe!!) 

In case people missed it, the charms arrived and I made them available as add-ons for $6 with the fanbook just in case people wanted to make sure they got one. There’s a very limited supply, and they won’t be reprinted. There will still be 20 charms raffled away regardless of whether you bought a charm, so it is possible to end up with 2~ *-* 

Final reblog for final day of preorders! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

kohakuchan: OMG You plan on going to NYCC? My boyfriend and I would love to meet you and buy your art there! We preordered the Two Worlds Two Heroes book the second was saw it because we fell in love with your art upon seeing it.

I applied, but I won’t find out until July if I got accepted. It’d be great to go to NY for the first time, too! Thank you very much, I really appreciate your support.

puroa: I'm sorry if someone's asked you already but will you ever be going to smaller U.S. conventions in the future? I definitely want to go see you but AX and NYCC are kinda far for me...

Sorry, I live in Canada so the trip likely won’t be worth it unless it’s a big one.
( ˘•ω•˘ )

mirdominance: Hi~~Do you have plenty of your Embellishments artbook in stock? I'd like to order one next Friday, butI don't know how quickly your books sell. ^^ Also, do you come to any conventions in the US? I'd love to visit your table one day! ^^ Thanks!

I do! I printed a lot so they could last me at least 2 years. ^^ I’m definitely attending AX in July, and hopefully NYCC in October this year, I’m not sure. Thanks dear!

titaliaa: Hi again •~• I purchased a copy of your fan book and key chain almost two months ago, yet still haven't received them. Is it normal for the delivery to take this long or.. -I live in London btw

That’s because it’s a pre-order that hasn’t yet ended, dear. I’m actually in the middle of packing my orders already so I can have them shipped ASAP, after it ends on Saturday.  ^^ You’ll be notified via email when they’re shipped. 


Two Worlds - Too Steamy

What happens when Ravio comes across a whole book dedicated to his awesome-ness? There you have it!

I just couldn’t resist this endorsement. Who wouldn’t be this flustered and excited by having a whole book about himself. So if you love Ravio go and check out Joodlez fan book dedicated to A Link Between Worlds (and more importantly Ravio).

She’s at Anime North, and you have one day left to snag a copy in person!

Bonus Points: If you’re the girl in the background of those GIF’s who cracks a smile towards the end, props to you.

Ravio bought my book at AN LOOOL!!
(Disclaimer: the book contents are 100% G-rated)

Preorders end in less than two days!

(They’ll still be sold online and at AX14 thereafter, but without the bonuses)