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Tray sent me this… huge care package and I am so giddy and overwhelmed. T0T I woke up and greeted the post-woman all dishevelled and my nightguard still in my mouth ahahaHAh *sob*

PS to Tray: my sister took up that pirate ship right away LMAO… >v< And when I saw your present to JC, I was like “oh, I know who would like this more than me” before I got to read your note. xD

  1. retropop said: UWAAAAH those little teeth and toothbrush stickers have to be the best gift for you of the lot! *V*
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  3. xinester said: THE TOOTH STICKERS ARE TOO TOO CUTE :) and so is everything else! <3 was it your birthday?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETPEA
  4. twinklefish said: OMG..THAT CHARLOTTE MUG…HOW..WHERE..
  5. nokkelborth said: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE WOW! Man, I’m in love with this photoset, you’re so lucky uvu
  6. bettykwong said: omgawww that is so sweet of Tray!!
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