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Anonymous: Hey Juby! Congratulations on your Cryamore gig! All your drawings look really amazing, and I hope the kickstarter pulls through! I'm a bit curious about how you got the gig. (Partly because I would love to be a game designer/artist too!) Did you apply for the job, or did you get scouted on your talent and style? I'm under the impression that they begged you to join them lol!

Thanks a lot! :D

JC and I’ve been in correspondence with our current “boss” for a while now (not knowing he’d be hiring us for anything really, we were just bros), especially since last Otakon. Then we were initially contacted to be just guest artists. But he started needing some extra helping hands in the arting department and JC and I were just… there… so he asked us one day on Skype and we were like OH YEAH OK SURE.

So IDK, I’d say there was a lot of serendipity in play because we didn’t apply for the job LOL! Connections, man, good to have them!! :P

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