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Cryamore 403% Funded! Now The Real Fun Begins!


We ended Cryamore’s Kickstarter campaign with a whopping $242,309 worth of support at nearly 6,000 backers. 

There are so many words we can come up with to show how we feel: grateful,appreciativeenamored, and just outright thankful, for everyone’s support and faith they have in us and the creation of this game. This is a dream come true for all of us, and a lot of firsts for a lot of the people involved in it, and we’re going to do our best to make it everything we want it to be.

But it doesn’t end here. Rest assured, we’ll still be keeping everyone in the loop here.

Now, to get to the real work. We have a lot ahead of us, long-term, and very short-term (GDC, demo, etc., but we will explain that in a few days). Here’s what’s going to occur:

PayPal Support

Paypal support will be launched tomorrow and will run for approximately 2 weeks, then we will take it down. We’ll explain everything in detail for those who want to support and back us further via PayPal. 


We’re going to begin counting all of the incurred pledges through Kickstarter, (crunching numbers, funnn) to get that out of the way first and foremost, then will start preparing the first surveys to send out. Then we’re going to talk to our figure manufacturer to begin work on the figures and then start talking with UDON about the art book and getting that started. We may have some other fantastic treats to share as well regarding that. :)

Forums and Further

We’re going to provide everyone with one final Webplayer Backer Build tomorrow and then the rest will be, well, for the backers only! Our official forums are pretty much ready to go, so we will give everyone the dealio on setting up your logins and all.

We’re all going to have fun! We really don’t like when developers fall off the face of the planet after a Kickstarter and pop up every so often… So, we’ll try making sure that 1-yr development rate will be as unnoticeable as possible as you’ll be involved with the creation of the game! Look forward to being updated constantly as we go along, almost with the same level as during our Kickstarter campaign.

Again, thanks so much! And it’s an honor to have all of you, our future players, on the ride with us!

Also, here’s a treat from us for an extended thanks for helping us get this kickstarted! Here’s a high-quality, mp3 download of the Cryamore Original Music Selections with the songs that were featured during the Kickstarter, as well as a couple of musical treats you have yet to hear versions of!

Talk about last hurrah!! Cryamore met its final stretch goal on the last day haha! Thanks everyone for your support, and I am evermore excited to bring what I can to the game. :D

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