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I had a blast at AX13, thanks so much to everyone who dropped by and entertained us, said nice things to us, got something from us, or got something for us, or all of the above! I had such a good time at AX this year oh gosh!!

I got to do some non-con stuff with my con pals too, thank god AX AA closes at 6:00 pm. The night of Day 1, I had dinner with JC and I kind of clonked out at our hotel on half a bottle of J-pop lol wow I’M THE MOST KAKKOI SEMPAI. The night of Day 2, I went to dinner with Finni and frands at this Korean pizza/chicken place (sooo good!!) and then hit karaoke (THE BEST!!). On the night of Day 3, we went out to dinner with a bunch of other friends (Alex and Zambi), then went with our cute roommates (Donna and Jou) to watch This Is the End which was HILARIOUS and had us rolling the whole time. I had to book it out of the Alley on Day 4 though, since I had a plane to catch. ;-; I hope everyone had a safe trip home without too many hiccups!

I’m going to make a separate text post of shout outs because it became way too long and I can’t put it under a cut on this post rofl

Thanks everyone for the great time!! >v<

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