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shouyoukoto: Hi Juby! I only started following your blog a few months ago and I love your art already! ^___^ Just a question: for Cut Time, do you read it from right to left or left to right?

Thanks! It’s read from left to right just like any standard comic.

xx-ravenfowl-xx: What do you feel about genderbent cut time? (Oh, I'd love to see a girl baroque :3 )

I think genderbending is fun, but it also has its time and place. Frankly, I would probably be offended if someone genderbent Rel or Tove because their characters would represent something else entirely if they weren’t girls — especially Tove? I think there are too many wrong ways to genderbend her given her personality, would not recommend. Of course I can’t stop people from indulging in it, but I can’t promise you that I’ll like it. `_`

spontaneous-combustion-disorder: what is the main goal of Cut Time, like what is Rel trying to accomplish???

I sometimes ask myself why I can’t divulge Rel’s objectives because I feel like most stories are able to. 

But I want my readers to go on the adventure with Rel not knowing (for the first three books, at least)! I think it’ll be more fun that way, since none of the other characters know either. :3c

Hello! This is what I’ve been up to this December LOL… I’ve always wanted Cut Time to be a colour comic, but I lacked confidence in how quickly I could do colour pages. After some test runs, I found out that it’s a lot more enjoyable for me than grayscale toning and it doesn’t take that much extra effort, so I decided to rehash all of my pages. I can reach more depth now and I have new mood devices at my disposal so I hope the reading experience improves. From here on out, everything will be in colour. :)