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fourswordsgreen: Hello! My friend and I came to ur stand at anime expo! She was the Ravio and I was the Hilda~! She had pre-ordered ur book as soon as she can and we both got a lil ravio/link keychain :D also can I just say....u r amazing! And sooooo cute ;u; thank u for being such a sweetie <3

I remember you!! I took photos of your trio from my table!! Thank you so much for finding me here! (ノ≧∀≦)

kaijukat: My friend bought your ALBW book at AX and also bought your display print of Link and Ravio and she told me she STILL hasn't been able to get through the book because when she opens it and sees that little Ravio at the beginning her heart can't take it and she closes the book again LOL

LMAO this knowledge is precious to me… thank you!!!

iamshadowthehedgehog: alright pal it has been a few months and a lot of things have changed. ravioli wise. you know what i mean. i ask you again, as of now, how far does the pasta ship sail?





zeldanoodles: Can you do more of a detailed tutorial? It would be helpful to beginner artist!:) I understand if you are busy!


I don’t do drawing tutorials because creating is a personal process to me, and I believe it should be encouraged as such. It’s not even that I keep anything a secret (I livestream here and there), I just think an artist should develop their own method of doing things, however long it takes. I think it’s part of the (often painful) fun. I sometimes do tutorials for explaining certain mechanics of things, but I leave the rest up to everyone else. ‘-‘)b

graphence: juby would be willing to show us your sketching process? How do you come up with all those neat sketches? Do you do any bases or do you just start drawing the details cause you're lineart on the paper is so good too and i never see any guidelines!

Hello! Someone asked me a similar question a long time ago, so I posted this.

I hope this answers your questions! ^^

egnis: Ashdjjdjsk!!! The book and keychain arrived! Thank you!!! I have a question about the keychain tho. It looks like a white translucent paper is covering it. What do I do with it?

Heya~ I’m glad they reached you safely! After you hook the charm onto whatever gizmo you’d like,  you peel the paper off and enjoy the glossy sheen. ☆~(ゝ。∂)

lydicalwind: so aonuma confirmed it WAS link. ponytail link is real. you can be happy, juby.

I know!! I was freaking out on Twitter just now @-@

bunnyravio: Sorry if this has been asked before, but are the ALBW artbooks going to be available after the preorder deadline, and if so, for how long approximately? I really want one but I don't have the money right now. (Also are the charms preorder only or can I get one later?)

Until supplies last! I plan to sell them at AX (and NYCC possibly) so I’m hoping they’ll be gone before the year ends. 

The charms were offered for preorders only, and have been sold out for a few weeks now; I’m doing a raffle tomorrow for 20 of them (if I counted right LOL), so there’s a chance you could still get one with a preorder. I’m sorry about that! I was considering reprinting the charms, but I’d have to get at least 100 printed, and I don’t know if I could get rid of them all. xD;

kohakuchan: OMG You plan on going to NYCC? My boyfriend and I would love to meet you and buy your art there! We preordered the Two Worlds Two Heroes book the second was saw it because we fell in love with your art upon seeing it.

I applied, but I won’t find out until July if I got accepted. It’d be great to go to NY for the first time, too! Thank you very much, I really appreciate your support.

puroa: I'm sorry if someone's asked you already but will you ever be going to smaller U.S. conventions in the future? I definitely want to go see you but AX and NYCC are kinda far for me...

Sorry, I live in Canada so the trip likely won’t be worth it unless it’s a big one.
( ˘•ω•˘ )

mirdominance: Hi~~Do you have plenty of your Embellishments artbook in stock? I'd like to order one next Friday, butI don't know how quickly your books sell. ^^ Also, do you come to any conventions in the US? I'd love to visit your table one day! ^^ Thanks!

I do! I printed a lot so they could last me at least 2 years. ^^ I’m definitely attending AX in July, and hopefully NYCC in October this year, I’m not sure. Thanks dear!