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survived-on-the-winds-breath: Hi I was just checking out your store and I was wondering if you are planning to do any ALBW posters? Sorry if you've already answered this before

I had ALBW posters printed for AX back in July, but I sold out so no store sales (until next year), unfortunately. Thank you for your interest though!

actuallyzelda: Your art is too cute I'm so happy when you post pictures on tumblr or twitter I think I'm going to buy the albw book and whatever else I can find because I want to hang your stuff on my wall!! I was also wondering if you were planning on going to any conventions in California anytime in the future? I'd really love to get to meet you and just say hey ;u;

I’m happy you look forward to my drawings!  ⁄(⁄ ⁄>⁄w⁄<⁄ ⁄)⁄❤︎ I was at AX 2 months ago actually! I signed up to go next year too, so I guess I can see you at AX’15! Thank you very much (ノ*゜▽゜*)

austriankangaroo: Hey Juby! Would you mind translating the speech of your last post?

Can I just translate this ask instead:

"Hey Juby! Would you mind dying of embarrassment?" _(┐「ε:)_

  1. Yuga’s hands: “Coward”
  2. Tie tug: “H-hero-kun-!
  3. with Irene: “Do you like me or something?”/”Ah-n-o—I-!?”)
  4. I’m not translating the last one it’s bad enough that I wrote it once good bye LMAO

akiotakizawa: Hey! I was wondering when would your link phone charms will be available on storenvy again? (・ω・;)

N E V E R。。。

actually I will be reprinting them as soon as I:

1. finish my Windwaker charm designs

2. have enough money _(┐「ε:)_

I am not sure when that’ll be, but hopefully in the next couple months! Thank you kindly for your interest. :)

hellochanelle: Hey, listen!! So since you're Canadian I'm wondering whereabouts you're situated? I'm in the Greater Toronto Area so I attend nearly all cons in the area. I'd love to meet you in person and purchase your ALBW artbook in my Ravio cos xD <3

I’m in the Greater Vancouver area, but if things work out I’ll be taking some ALBW books to TCAF next spring! I hope I can go!!

mihaelkai: Your art is so fantastic! I know a while back you had said you applied for a table at NYCC but that you wouldn't know until July? Well it's July so... do you know if you will be at NYCC? My boyfriend & I have your ALBW book & would love to meet you!

Wah thank you for getting my book! ;v; I’d love to have been able to go but!!

NYCC said no LOL


waffletronzx: So when can we expect your next fan book, "Link + Ravio: TOTAL INDULGENCE" to come out? ;P

as soon as I can figure out how to sell hundreds of copies of it

as soon as I figure out my epitaph

fourswordsgreen: Hello! My friend and I came to ur stand at anime expo! She was the Ravio and I was the Hilda~! She had pre-ordered ur book as soon as she can and we both got a lil ravio/link keychain :D also can I just say....u r amazing! And sooooo cute ;u; thank u for being such a sweetie <3

I remember you!! I took photos of your trio from my table!! Thank you so much for finding me here! (ノ≧∀≦)

kaijukat: My friend bought your ALBW book at AX and also bought your display print of Link and Ravio and she told me she STILL hasn't been able to get through the book because when she opens it and sees that little Ravio at the beginning her heart can't take it and she closes the book again LOL

LMAO this knowledge is precious to me… thank you!!!

iamshadowthehedgehog: alright pal it has been a few months and a lot of things have changed. ravioli wise. you know what i mean. i ask you again, as of now, how far does the pasta ship sail?





zeldanoodles: Can you do more of a detailed tutorial? It would be helpful to beginner artist!:) I understand if you are busy!


I don’t do drawing tutorials because creating is a personal process to me, and I believe it should be encouraged as such. It’s not even that I keep anything a secret (I livestream here and there), I just think an artist should develop their own method of doing things, however long it takes. I think it’s part of the (often painful) fun. I sometimes do tutorials for explaining certain mechanics of things, but I leave the rest up to everyone else. ‘-‘)b