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zeldanoodles: I just want to say thank you for responding! That's super cool that you do the sketches and doodles bc honestly I some times like sketches more than actual full art pieces. Anyways...I don't have a twitter, so I can't see any of them:(( I was wondering if you could post them on here as well! That would be aweomse!!!! (But then again it's your choice!<3) As always keep up the beautiful work!!!

Heya! My sketches on twitter are too dopey and messy for posting here, haha. My Twitter is accessible by the general public and you don’t need an account to see them. Here’s my media gallery if you wanna take a look. Thanks very much!

kerriwon: You're probably getting some flame from peeps that support the project so I hope you are doing okay with that. Honestly I thought I was the only one skeptical about this project. There was so little information about what exactly it was for. Non-charity art book collabs seem rare, at least to me. so I decided not to look into buying it even though the theme of the book itself attracted me.

Actually, the backlash hasn’t been as bad as I’d expected, but thank you for your concern. I’m certain many are displeased with me even though it’s not even meant to be a personal attack. I was also considering buying a copy until I realized I didn’t know where the funds were going? As a consumer I feel extremely skeptical when information is omitted or is swept under the rug.  

If the case presents itself strongly enough, I would of course rescind my thoughts on the matter and an apology would be in order. :)

zeldanoodles: Hey I know you probably aren't doing any more zelda art...but I miss it so much and I have fallen in love with your ravio and link and just all of it!!!<3

I’m laughing because you have no idea LMAO

I haven’t been posting full pictures but I have been drawing Zelda like every day; I’m making a fanbook and I post some doodles and sketches on my twitter (@Cuttimecomic). I’ll be posting preorder information sometime soon…!

raptatta: Hi Juby! im not sure if youve been asked this before, but will you be attending AN this year?? :O

I’M GOING TO AN THIS YEAR!! Lovely Jayd offered me half her table ;-; <33

dragonmaiden86: Hello joodlez! Ques: Why did you change your comic from black and white to color? Just curious

Because I decided I like colour enough to put myself through the work. B/W is great when done right, but I personally don’t enjoy the process very much, I found. @_@

heavens-demon: *gives hug* I needed to hug you because of your link and ravio comic. Is was so adorable I wanted to squeeze something.

this is the correct reaction thank you <(‘-‘<)

dream-striker replied to your post: Ravio in a nutshellPS I am working on …

I don’t even know what this game is about but your art is so cute I might get it and watch as my heart is ripped out and eaten in front of me

I don’t ask for much but yes, this is what I want.

shikai-of-the-4th-world: I started following you because of Cut Time a while back and I just now saw your LBW comic (I had no idea you played LoZ!) and I died a little inside. Your comic gave me such closure, I'm so happy ahhh that was such a sad game

Aw, thanks a lot! I used to play a lot of LoZ and then I stopped playing video games for about 10 years (my last one was WW). My sweet boyfriend got me the ALBW 3DS last xmas, so I was thrown back into the pit of despair LoZ. I’m still dying a little inside every day because of this game now so I’m glad I could give you closure on it. ;—;



zeldanoodles: Hey! So it's not really a question...but I really wanted to tell you I love your art so much! Seriously! You are super talented and I love your ravio art!! Ahhhh so cute! It makes me so happy inside and out! Please do more zelda art, as you know by my username I am a huge fan of LOZ stuffs.. So yeah! Thanks and update super soon!!<3

Haha I’m so glad! I haven’t drawn this much Zelda fanart since 10 years ago!! I am old as fuq!!!!!!! I’m not sure how long I’ll be drawing Raviolis, but the feels are MADA TSUYOSUGIRU

You can follow my twitter (@CutTimeComic) for unrefined doodles btw! If you can stand my regularly scheduled hysteria, that is.

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